Chiropody/Podiatry with a Pedicure Treatment, All-in-One foot perfection



This treatment combines chiropody with a pedicure treatment, therefore, providing a one-stop-shop in foot perfection.

What happens during treatment?

  • Routine chiropody treatment – toe nail tidy, callus and corns are safely removed using sterile instruments
  • Feet are soaked, softened and soothed followed by a foot exfoliation in a foot spa bath.
  • The feet are then gently massaged using a massage candle leaving the feet feeling luxurious
    PRICE PLAN ‘A’    -    £45
    PRICE PLAN ‘B’    -    £55 (Toe nails to be painted with a polish of your choice – no shellac or gels available).

Please remember to bring open toed sandals or flip-flops with you to the appointment.