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Here at Simple Foot Solutions Routine Podiatry/Chiropody care is offered by Tania which includes nail cutting, callus/hard skin and corn removal; fungal nail and verruca, athletes foot assessment. Followed afterwards by a foot cream application.

Tania also offers a Podiatry service known as LCN Wilde Pedique which is a type of Nail Reconstruction (prosthetic nail) treatment.  This is primarily used where a nail has been damaged by toe nail surgery, trauma/injury to the nail, or left broken/crumbly because of a fungal nail.  Please contact Tania for further details.

In addition to the above services Podiatric  Marigold Therapy, Medical pedicures (Medi-Pedi-Spa) are available as well as Reflexology.  Please note because Tania is the owner of this business, Bespoke treatments can be offered on request.

For Opening Times please contact Tania Chew either by e-mail at or call 07753 751864.

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Price List

CHIROPODY Treatment - £26.00 (nail cutting, hard skin, corns)

Verrucae Treatment £26.00 (a minimum of 3 treatments is recommended for conservative treatment)

Marigold Verrucae Therapy (minimum of 4 treatments are recommended – please ask for further details)

Reflexology (40 mins) – £30.00

Podiatric Acupuncture (may be helpful for foot pain) – please ask for further information

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Foot Paraffin Wax Therapy & Massage

Marigold Therapy

Gift Certificates available for purchase

Podiatry services are available at Guiseley Clinic, Thursday 9.00am to 4pm, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 9.00am to 12.00 lunch.

To make an appointment please call on 07753 751864.   If voice-mail comes on, please leave message and I will return your call at the latest by end of business day. You can also e-mail me at